ASC Training Center

2022/2023 Team Registration






  1. Log in to your SportsEngine account (or create one) at the bottom of this page. Remember the username and password you entered, since this combo will be used to access the team SE app. PARENTS/GUARDIANS: When registering a minor athlete, create an account using your own information. The athlete's SE account will be auto-created during registration.

  2. Select your team(s) and/or a Season Pass and continue through the registration forms. 

  3. On the checkout page, you will have three options: 

    • OPTION #1 - Pay online in full with a credit card or ACH.

    • OPTION #2 - Set up an online payment plan (25% due at checkout and the remainder charged on the first of each month until December 1, 2022). This is your only chance to establish an online payment plan!

    • OPTION #3 - Select "Pay Offline" (available only to programs over $1000) and send one check for the full amount within 30 days. People wanting to avoid Credit Card fees may choose this option. 

Send checks to:

ASC Training Center 

Attn: Laura

P. O. Box 729, Soda Springs, CA 95728

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer able to accommodate payment plans using multiple checks. Thank you.
 DON'T FORGET: Download the SportsEngine app to access the team schedule and communications. 
Once you register your child for their respective programs, you will receive a discount code in the confirmation page and in your confirmation email.  This will allow you to go back on our site and register/purchase a trail pass using that code.
ASC Team athletes and their parents (sorry, no siblings, friends or extended family) will also be able to purchase a Boreal season pass with our ASC discount.  Link will be in the confirmation page and in your confirmation email.  However, Alpine & Snowboard Team athletes will be required to purchase a Boreal season pass separately. 
IKON Season Pass
Link will be in the confirmation page and in your confirmation email.  


Please ensure the following prerequisites have been addressed prior to registering:

  1. Contact the Program Director to ensure you are registering for the correct team and meet the requirements.
  2. All athletes, regardless of age, are required to provide their own equipment including rifles and ammunition.
  3. Athletes signing up for Devo must enroll in Nordic Devo at the same time.